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VariScript™ Software

VariScript is Relevance Drives Response™ and is the only software capable of producing high-volume, content relevant, variable Postscript™ documents directly from platform independent data, converting it into bit maps at full printer speed, and sending it straight to the printer.

Module Description
Job Data Collection
Existing data, graphics, prepress, and bar-code information is pulled from the content provider's digital resources at the moment of preflight or print production as specified by the electronic job ticket.
Serializers, Bar Codes, Time Stamps Automatically generates serializers, bar-codes, and time stamps in real time. Bar-codes generators maintain proper metrics; are not simply postscript fonts.
Variable Page Generator Data, graphics, and prepress are assembled into new variable pages on the fly. Postscript attributes including typography, format, rotation, and scale are maintained.
Proof and Preflight Preflights the entire print job up to the point of RIPing and printing. Alerts the operator of improperly formatted prepress and incompatible data in advance of production runs. Sample pages can be proofed on desktop printers to test page printability and appearance.
vLogixRip Ultra-high-speed RIP creates bitmapped images for multiple print engines on the fly.
Multi-Engine Manager Controls print engines. Monitors operating conditions and publishes engine parameters to network.
Verification Scans printed pages and physically confirms that the job has been completed correctly.
Processing and Finishing Controls Tightly couples to transport controls, in-line processing, and bindery equipment to provide full automation capabilities.
Auditing Monitors the entire process from data collection to processing to finishing and provides a detailed record of the print job from beginning to end.


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