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1:1 Marketing

Offer customers the ability to communicate with a million people and still send messages that are individual, personal, unique, and targeted. Go beyond simple name and address personalization to print millions of direct mail pieces where the length, formats, text, graphics, and container are all completely variable. Your customers build better one-to-one relationships and you benefit from more revenue per customer.

Database Flexibility
Driven by demographic information in your customers’ existing databases. Customers craft direct marketing pieces that speak to the individual. The degree of variability is limited only by scope of the information contained in the database.

Finishing Variability
Controls the finishing equipment, so other materials can be variable as well. Preprinted personalized materials can be selectively inserted into each envelope based on demographic information, product weight or delivery zone.

Dynamic Applications
Dynamic placement of variable text and graphics on single or multiple pages. Text wrapping and pagination, including orphan and widow control. Look-up tables and data substitution, extraction or concatenation. Automatic generation of all types of bar-codes from database information, including 1- and 2-dimensional. Automatic generation of post-processing bar-codes or commands delivered directly to post processing equipment. Zip code information automatically taken and converted into Postnet bar-codes. Electronic auditing and verification.

Freedom and Control
Complete separation of the data and page format. Creative freedom to design attractive, functional and reader-friendly documents with unlimited variability of text, graphics, format, typography, page counts and text wrapping. Complete control of data processing and data integrity.

Maximize Investment
Utilizes existing prepress and digital printing systems to maximize capital equipment investment and brings seamless variable capability into the workflow. A complete production workflow solution providing comprehensive work management systems needed for successful high-volume one-to-one marketing.

Customer Application
George, Inc. is one of the oldest and largest printers in Northern California. George uses VariScript for their coupon application run on Océ's DemandStream 6060.

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