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Ticket, Tag and Label

Print millions of tags, tickets, and labels with complex sequencers, variable bar-codes and variable graphics at speeds in excess of 1,000 feet per minute. Achieve exceptional bar-code quality to ensure accurate and reliable scanning without changing your current prepress and printing systems.

Open System Approach
Platform, resolution and printer independent. Use any desktop publishing application on any platform using the printing technology appropriate for the job. No special proprietary programs are required.

Targeted Advantages
Powerful bar-code renderer eliminates problems with Postscript bar-code fonts. Supports any postscript application with any font at any size or rotation. Creates user-defined bar-codes and checksums. Supports bar-codes at any size and any orientation while maintaining proper metrics, even custom bar-code metrics for specified print engines including 1- and 2-dimensional bar-codes. Automatically generates complex sequencers. Supports variable graphics using EPS or scanned images. Prints variable bar-codes and data on multi-part documents in collator applications and Incorporates variable graphics and bar-codes into page layouts with drag and drop simplicity.

Custom Bar-Code Metrics
Increases bar-code quality by calculating proper bar and space dimensions based upon the dot pitch and dot gain of each specific print engine. Defines bar-code metrics for all popular print engines and allows users to override these parameters for special conditions and substrates.

Verification and Auditing
Electronic verification system checks every tag, ticket, and label printed assuring accuracy. The auditing system monitors the entire process from data collection to processing through verification and finishing giving you proof that the job was done and done right.

Customer Application
Group Joos, Belgium, looked to VariScript and Xeikon for a 100% security proof ticketing solution that would also assist the Euro 2000 organizers in Rotterdam, Holland, manage the flow of supporters for the tournament. The VariScript/Xeikon solution printed all variable elements such as name of the visitor, seating place, picture of the stadium, plan of stadium, color codes for parking and seating directions, tracking codes, etc. and, after printing, tickets were automatically inserted into envelopes together with a personalized letter containing the delivery details of the tickets. The total job exists of 1.2 million tickets with databases varying from 16,000 to 32,000 tickets.

Press Release (PDF Document - 842kb)


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