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Transaction Printing Solutions

Print personalized and accurate statements, trade confirmations and reports with ease. Produce thousands of highly variable and content relevant documents with variable formats and graphics. Provide on-demand targeted fulfillment services with distributed delivery. Meet your customers’ current needs and be ready to explore future opportunities.

Document Control
Complete separation of the data and page format. Creative freedom to design attractive, functional, and reader-friendly documents with automatic bar graph and pie chart creation. Complete control of data processing and data integrity. Control finishing equipment, including page gathering and selective inserting based on demographic information or document weight for true variable transaction printing.

Rapid Turnaround
Rapid turnaround of time sensitive financial and billing statements. Dramatically reduce programming and pre-processing so more jobs move through your shop in less time. Save on new application development costs. User-friendly job set-up and submissions further reduce dependency on highly skilled labor for fast turnaround work.

Secure Data Acquisition
Data collection software utilizes a data pull model directly off your customers’ networks during printing. The customer need only generate a database report; the actual data is remotely accessed and need not be released. Customers’ data remain secure.

Open System Approach
Utilization of industry standard Postscript for page layout and standard database reports. No need to change current equipment. Open system approach removes custom programming and format or data constraints associated with IPDS, LCDS or Matched print streams. Create the desired look and feel of the document on any desktop publishing system; proof the page layout on any desktop laser printer.

Verification and Auditing
Complete variable printing workflow from data acquisition to finishing, including verification. Auditing system provides a report of every event within the job and provides proof of accuracy.

vLogix - Transaction Printing Solutions